Benjy Davis Project To Offer Free Digital Sampler To Fans Via Amazon

Posted: 13/07/2010 in CD Release, Hot Off The Press, Tour Announcement
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(from our friends at Skye Media & Rock Ridge Music……..thanks Krista)

Benjy Davis Project will be offering a free digital sampler, “Paper Trails,” to fans beginning July 13th via for a limited time.  The sampler will feature 11 songs from various Benjy David Project albums plus a previously-unreleased track, “Raining In Me.”  The complete track listing is as follows:
“Check Your Pockets” (from “Lost Souls Like Us”)
“Sweet Southern Moon” (from “Dust”)
“Mississippi” (from “Lost Souls Like Us”)
“The Day That I Die” (from “More Than Local”)
“Green and Blue” (from “Dust”)
“No More Pills” (from “More Than Local”)
“She Ain’t Got Love” (from “The Angie House”)
“214” (from “The Angie House”)
“Same Damn Book” (from “Dust”)
“Raining In Me” (unreleased)
“Stay With Me” (edit, from “Lost Souls Like Us”)
A summer tour is set to kick off on July 13th in Evanston, Illinois.

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