For a band that wasn’t even performing, the Murderdolls generated a lot of buzz during a recent Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival stop in Tampa, Florida. Hundreds of rain-soaked fans waited for nearly an hour to meet Joey Jordison and Wednesday 13, who collectively form the core of horror rock’s latest sensation.

In town to promote the band’s latest release, Women and Children Last, lead vocalist Wednesday 13 took a few minutes to talk with All Access Blog about the CD.

What prompted the reemergence of the Murderdolls after such a long hiatus?
We never said the band was broke up or done with. We just went on an indefinite hiatus in 2003 or 2004 when we did our last shows. It’s been eight years since our last record and for a lot of people it seems like man, it’s been eight years, but we’ve been so fucking busy. We tour ten months out of the year so, for us that time went by real quick.

If I remember correctly, the CD has 18 tracks, including the bonus stuff. Did you and Joey collaborate on these songs or did you each bring stuff to the table?
There were demos that we were passing back and forth since 2003. It wouldn’t be full songs, just like me with a drum machine and playing guitar. I would send him like half of a song and he would hear it and rearrange stuff or add a part to it, so when we got together to record this record, we had like 50 or 60 song ideas. We had to just trim down and trim down until we got into the studio with about 30 songs, but we couldn’t do a 30 song album. We finally got it down to 18, including two that we wrote in the studio together. The other ones we completed from our demos and roughs.

With such a long gap between releases, do you still feel a connection to the band’s debut CD Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls?
To us, this feels like the rebirth of the band and this is our first album. You know, the first one was great for what it was, we still love it and will still play the songs live, but we feel like this is the first real Murderdolls record. It’s all original music where the first album was a combination of my old band and Joey’s old band slammed together, rearranged, changed some lyrics and re-produced, that’s it.

Tell me about Mick Mars involvement in this project.
Yeah, that was awesome man. It was a complete and total accident; we didn’t have it planned at all. We were in the studio for maybe two weeks and we had just finished the song “Blood Stained Valentine”. Joey and I were having dinner and I said that we could use a Mick Mars kind of vibe on this song. Our tour manager overheard me say that and he goes, “He lives down the fucking street, why don’t you call him?” (laughing) I was like, I don’t know him, why don’t you call him. So he goes outside to smoke a cigarette, comes back in and says, “Mick will be here in two days. Send him the tracks.” We sent him the stuff and he worked on them in his studio. Two days later, he came in at 7:00 wearing 4-inch platform boots, top hat, a twenty-something girlfriend carrying his guitar and I was like “Rockstar”. He was such a down to earth, cool guy. It wasn’t about money; he wanted to make sure that he got his stamp on the record. For us, he was one of the reasons we dyed our hair black, I started playing guitar and Motley Crue is still one of my favorite bands. It was really a surreal but cool thing to have that guy be on our record.

So, are you happy with the way Women and Children Last turned out?

The label loves the album, which doesn’t hurt; I mean they really love the record. Then, the reaction from the press has been great. I was expecting everyone to hate it but it’s been great. I’m hoping that this is the one. We put everything we had into it. There was something so special about this record that I felt it about a week into recording it. I remember sitting with Joey and saying, are you feeling what I’m feeling, and he said “We’re sitting on something good here.” We both just had a great feeling about it.

For more about Women and Children Last, check out my CD review on

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