So, you want to be a concert photographer?

Posted: 21/09/2010 in Fun Stuff, Inside Scoop
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Sample photo release (click for a larger size)

It seems that I can’t cover a single show, or tell people what I do for a living, without getting the same ole “Boy, you have the best job in the world”. While it does have it’s perks, some parts of my job aren’t so much fun. For example, let talk about photo releases. Many bands insist that media photographers sign a photo release before being granted access to shoot the performance. These releases can range from simple documents that dictate how many songs we can shoot and that no flash is allowed, to full-blown “rights’ grabbers”, as they’re known in the trade. The latter are legal documents that allow the photographer to shoot the performance only if the photographer agrees to surrender all of his/her copyrights and claims to the images. Basically, the artist owns the images outright and doesn’t have to pay for them. Pretty nice arrangement, right?

Somewhere in the middle of these two extremes are where you find most photo releases. As an example, I’ve included a scan from a photo agreement that I had to sign in order to cover a major arena tour this past summer. I always love it when millionaires insist that I give them something for free.


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