It’s All So Beautiful, It’s All So Strange: Musician to Premiere Hybrid Film and Music Project

Posted: 12/10/2010 in Concerts, Shameless Promotion, Show Announcements
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(provided by our friends at Far and Away Records………..thanks, Katie!)

Cut from the same collaborative cloth of innovative films New York, I Love You and Paris, je t’aime, it’s the human experience that’s highlighted in the ambitious new video and music project, It’s All So Beautiful, It’s All So Strange, premiering October 14 at The Queens Head in St. Petersburg.

Based on the music from Far and Away Records recording artist Ryan Powers Boyle’s recently released self-titled album, It’s All So Beautiful, It’s All So Strange features a collection of short animated and live-action films by 10 filmmakers from around the world. Shown together, the films tell the story of a man living through 10 chapters of life, or through 10 unique yet interrelated lives, depending on the viewer’s perspective. The film will be shown concurrent with Boyle’s musical performance of the material.

“As far as I can tell this kind of project has never been attempted before,” Boyle said. “Pink Floyd did The Wall, the Qatsi Trilogy blended film and music in a very abstract way, and plenty of bands have made videos of their songs, but to tell a single musical narrative through the eyes of 11 unique perspectives — 10 filmmakers plus myself — I’d like to think it’s a first.”

Though spearheaded by Boyle, the Florida native is only 1/11th of a diverse group of collaborators. Contributing filmmakers include Qian Shi (China), Lilian Chan (Hong Kong), Panagiota Chaidogiannou (Greece), Will Donovan (Boston, MA), Wes Pratt and Chris Giuffre (St. Petersburg, FL), Jens Toivakainen (Finland), Emily Bailey (UK), Yilu Zhang with Co Lab Studios (China and Savannah, GA), Sidney Manuel (Fort Lauderdale, FL), and Joseph Winchester (Austin, TX).

“The vastly different cultural perspectives at work here really help to make this something special,” Boyle continued. “Coupled with the music — arguably a universal language — this project has to be the most broadly realized work I’ve been a part of.”

In addition to the Queens Head premiere, It’s All So Beautiful, It’s All So Strange will be shown as part of Boyle’s live concerts in a US tour beginning in October.


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