Lizard Skynard releases debut album this week!

Posted: 19/10/2010 in CD Release
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Got this press release from our friends at Big Machine Media (thx, Fallon) and couldn’t help but give it a listen. I have no words…………..

The Lizardman

A doctoral candidate in Philosophy, Erik Sprague / The Lizardman is interesting way beyond his obviously-compelling surface.  Sprague has undergone approximately 700 hours of tattoo work, his body is inked in scales which are about 70 percent green.  He has made modifications to his tongue (split in two) and his teeth (filed to points) and has large gauge holes in his ears.  The word FREAK emblazoned upon his chest is a profession and philosophy for Sprague, evidenced by his fronting LIZARD SKYNARD.

Kindred spirits and journeymen rockers in their own right, brothers Eric (keyboards) and Jason ‘Mossy’ Vaughn (guitarist / songwriter previously of The Heavils and Caustic Thought), Russell Gillespie (bass) previously of Mothertrucker and Johnny Baker (drums) previously of Waco Jesus, join this human anomaly in his charge toward the rock crown.  Musically, the quintet gel to create a diverse soundscape comparable to the progressive Metal sounds of their contemporaries Mastodon, Baroness and Clutch, to the more obscure, esoteric electronic- Industrial styles of early Nine Inch Nails and Ministry.

The new self-titled album, featuring standout tracks such as “Normal”, “Ocean Electric” and “Space Eels”, was recorded at Electrical Audio studios with Greg Norman ( Russian Circles, Pelican, Neurosis, Shellac) and mastered at Chicago Mastering with Jason Ward ( Big Black, Jesus Lizard, Deerhunter) and will be officially available today via iTunes.

Buy the album

Hear the album on AOL music or on SKULL & BONES


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