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So, I’ve seen a large number of news postings about Avril Lavigne’s “profanity-laced rant” during her appearance at the Rays Summer Concert Series on Saturday night. According to numerous reports, Avril “unleashed a downpour of obscenities” or “let a few profanities fly.”  Just to set the record straight, that’s not exactly what happened.

I was standing in the photo pit, directly in front of the stage and not six feet from Avril during the first part of her show. After struggling through two songs with multiple dead microphones, Lavigne was escorted off stage by her crew. With a new, working microphone in hand, Avril did drop the F-bomb once, or maybe twice, while expressing her feelings about the situation. It was not directed at the crowd, only a little bit of ill-placed stress relief. It definitely wasn’t a “profanity-laced rant.”

Maybe I’ve covered too many metal shows where most of the evening is dominated by profanity, because I didn’t really think that it was that bad. I agree that it might have been better for Avril to find a few less-offensive words, but I’m sure that it was just stress and frustration.

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Various media outlets are reporting the demise of pseudo-brother/sister act The White Stripes. Attempts to confirm this on the band’s website only resulted in an “unable to connect” error message. Guess that’s a sign.

With a lot of troubled history to fan the flames, rumors are starting to burn higher about the possible demise of the current Stone Temple Pilots tour.  After taking the stage at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion in The Woodlands, Texas more than an hour late on Sunday, STP frontman Scott Weiland seemed a bit off to many in attendance. A review in The Houston Press described Weiland’s behavior onstage as ““….off mentally, a little too meandering and talkative”. Some reports indicate that Weiland mentioned “trading the hard stuff for boozing”. Even so, most in attendance did give his musical performance good marks.

With Scott Weiland’s history of drug and alcohol problems, this behavior could signal a slip back into his old ways and spell the end of another STP tour. Hopefully Weiland will be able to get his act together for upcoming performances. The bands next show is scheduled for Lubbuck, Texas on September 23rd.