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David Muse, original keyboardist and horn player, rejoined the current Firefall line-up for a show at The Capitol Theatre in Clearwater.

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Okay, so maybe “hanging out” might be a bit of an exaggeration. Maybe it was more like chasing him around as we attempted to photograph two different “meet & greet” events of about 100 people. Still, Pacino was an extremely friendly and easy-going guy, who didn’t seem to mind being pulled in various directions and having strangers scramble for pictures. I’ll admit to being one of the eager masses that couldn’t resist the urge to get a picture with him.

The boys of Aranda stopped for a group shot during a Tampa stop on the Harddrive Live Tour with Sevendust.


Who says that rock stars don’t have to punch in for work?  🙂

Gig schedule

Some cool backstage stuff of Styx in Clearwater, Florida.

Styx media pass

Styx setlist, Clearwater, Florida

Tommy Shaw backstage taping a promo video

Megadeth bass and guitar tech Fred Kowalo offers a behind-the-scenes look from the Jagermeister Fall Music Tour. Kowalo talks about what it takes to recreate the classic Megadeth Rust in Peace sound, staging and even gets props from Megadeth bassist David Ellefson. Check out the video now at