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88-year old blues legend Eddie Kirland died on Sunday, as the result of injuries sustained in an auto accident in Crystal River, Florida. Kirkland had just completed a short tour of Florida with a Saturday night show at the Dunedin Brewery in Dunedin, Florida.

Kirkland, referred to as the “Gypsy of the Blues”  performed both solo and with other blues legends, including Otis Redding, John Lee Hooker, Ben King and Little Richard. In recent years, Kirkland worked with blues-rock band Foghat on their CD “Last Train Home”




A birthday wish for Foghat’s Craig MacGregor from his bandmates!

Foghat's Craig MacGregor

Happy Birthday to our incredible bassman Craig MacGregor. It’s been 35 years since you first joined Foghat…and your contribution to this band is immeasurable.  You are alot of fun to play with and great to hang out with too!

And the fantastic work you have done with your son Collin and his bandmates (Comic Book Heroes) speaks volumes about what a great musician you are and also what a wonderful teacher and mentor to the boys!  You are amazing!

Let’s rock for another 35 years, Mac! Happy Birthday to a great friend!

Love – Roger, Bryan, Charlie, Linda, Carl, Marko, RC, Jim, Rose & Audrey!

message from Foghat drummer Roger Earl………………….

Last Train Home

This CD, LAST TRAIN HOME is the culmination of a dream that I shared with Lonesome Dave who sadly passed away in 2000. It has some of our favorite blues songs, 3 new ones (‘Born for the Road’, ‘Last Train Home’ and ‘495 Boogie)’, and 2 songs by our friend and special guest Eddie ‘Bluesman’ Kirkland who is 86. We played with him back in 1977! Also performing are Colin Earl (my brother) on piano, Jeff Howell on bass and Lefty Lefkowitz on harmonica.

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Foghat, "Last Train Home"

Last Train Home, the latest release from blues-rock legends Foghat is set to hit the stores on June 15. The CD is a twelve-song collection of blues’ standards and originals, which takes the listener back to the bands blues roots.

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Some live pics from a recent Foghat show in Clearwater, Florida.

Craig MacGregor

Foghat bassist Craig MacGregor recently had minor surgery for a popliteal artery aneurysm behind his knee. It involved creating a surgical bypass for some blocked veins. Craig is expected to make a full recovery and return to the Foghat line up on June 5th.

Former Foghat/SavoyBrown/Outlaws bassist, Jeff Howell is filling in during Craig’s absence.

A few pictures from Foghat’s recent performance in Clearwater, Florida