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Alias Punch

(submitted by Alexander Goldman)

Alias Punch has released the physical copy of their new EP Sly and the Family Stallone, distributed by Glowmobile recording company. It is available for free download here

Sly and the Family Stallone was recorded over a 3 month period at Glowmobile’s Motion Den Studios in Orlando and is already released on CD and digital copy.  The band will set out for tour in November and will play a variety of dates in cities including New York, Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, Philadelphia, DC, and Atlanta.

A music video for the album’s first single, “Gorilla Gorilla”, is due for release later this summer. Their next full length, A New Shade of Blue, as well as a 7″ EP, will both be released later this fall.


Check out a few pics of fans getting some face-time with the boys from Blackberry Smoke:

"Big Kev" soaking in warm birthday wishes from the crowd.

Blackberry Smoke guitar tech, and all-round cool guy, “Big Kev” got an early start on his birthday during last night’s BBS show in Orlando. As the clock struck midnight, BBS lead singer Charlie Starr stopped to wish Kev a happy birthday and the crowd joined in.  “Big Kev’s” birthday is actually today, but we decided to get an early start last night. By the way, anyone know how old he is?

A few pics backstage with The Bangles during a charity event at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

Okay, so I’ll admit it……being this close to a nearly naked Susanna Hoffs made me a little nervous, thus the stupid smile.