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(from our friends at Skye Media / Rock Ridge Music…………thanks Krista!)

Singer-songwriter Roy Jay will release his second album, Fairfax Avenue, on August 31, 2010, on Rock Ridge Music.  Laced with blues, roots rock, and grittier, more focused, groove-driven flavors than his past work, Fairfax Avenue is the follow-up to “Lucky Guy,” an album which ran the musical gamut and drew comparisons to Paul Simon, Bob Dylan and Jimmy Buffet.  Fairfax Avenue is much more the real me,” says Jay.  “My first album, ‘Lucky Guy,’ felt like it had sort of a split personality.”  On his new album, Jay has found his groove, a gritty and bluesy groove that’s simultaneously easy-going and laid back, perfectly reflecting the life of the man within. It’s an album of self-assured focus, where Jay moves past various influences to become the artist he’s always wanted to be.


Ruth Gerson

(From our friends at Skye Media / Rock Ridge Music………thanks, Krista!)

Singer-songwriter Ruth Gerson‘s latest album, “This Can’t Be My Life”, her first release on Wrong Records, hits stores today.  Recorded by Nic Hard (The Bravery, Jesse Malin) with additional recording and mixing by Daniel Wise (Scissor Sisters, Secret Machines), Gerson says, “Writing the album got me from nowhere to somewhere and through the second hardest part of my life.”  Originally ready for a summer 2007 release (the album was recorded, mastered and pressed), Gerson held back “This Can’t Be My Life,” because of her divorce and newly-single parenthood. Three years later, Gerson is ready to share “This Can’t Be My Life” with the world.

Savannah Lo Jack

(from our friends at Skye Media……….thanks, Krista!)

Indie singer-songwriter-violinist (yes, she plays and sings at the same time) Savannah Jo Lack will be releasing her debut solo album, Knitting Songs, on July 27, 2010.  The album will be available at online digital download portals, and hard copies will be available at shows and via her website.  A collection of breezy, engaging tunes, woven lovingly with wit and dexterity, and delivered at a mesmerizing, back porch rocking chair pace, Lack describes Knitting Songs as, “A little bit red earth and desert sky, a little bit glistening strings and pixie twists.”  A fascinating songsmith, Savannah redefines the role of strings in pop music. By substituting older instruments for the macho posturing of electric guitars, she’s unearthed a fresh and spectacular soundscape that bears a timeless affinity with her achingly beautiful, husky, feminine voice.

(from our friends at Skye Media & Rock Ridge Music……..thanks Krista)

Benjy Davis Project will be offering a free digital sampler, “Paper Trails,” to fans beginning July 13th via for a limited time.  The sampler will feature 11 songs from various Benjy David Project albums plus a previously-unreleased track, “Raining In Me.”  The complete track listing is as follows:
“Check Your Pockets” (from “Lost Souls Like Us”)
“Sweet Southern Moon” (from “Dust”)
“Mississippi” (from “Lost Souls Like Us”)
“The Day That I Die” (from “More Than Local”)
“Green and Blue” (from “Dust”)
“No More Pills” (from “More Than Local”)
“She Ain’t Got Love” (from “The Angie House”)
“214” (from “The Angie House”)
“Same Damn Book” (from “Dust”)
“Raining In Me” (unreleased)
“Stay With Me” (edit, from “Lost Souls Like Us”)
A summer tour is set to kick off on July 13th in Evanston, Illinois.

(from our friends at Skye Media……………thanks, Krista!)

New video by Ike Reilly

To celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer, Ike Reilly has released a music film for the song “Good Work (If You Can Get It).”  The tune “Good Work” is off of Reilly’s latest album, the critically-acclaimed Hard Luck Stories, and the film features members of the Libertyville High School Choir.

Filmed at Reilly’s old high school in Libertyville, IL, and directed by Reilly’s friend and collaborator Brooks Ruyle, the piece features Reilly as a janitor killing time in the school he once attended while an “after-after, party-party” rages elsewhere and summer begins.

Reilly, with bolt cutter in hand, rifles through lockers, wears students’ gym suits and drifts alone through the school. In an apparent homage to Marlon Brando – who attended the same school and who Reilly claims was an inspiration to him – Reilly races down the hallways of the school on his 1974 Shovel Head Harley-Davidson as well. When asked about the motorcycle ride and its appearance in the film, Reilly said, “If you could drink beer and ride a Harley down the halls of your school, wouldn’t you do it?”

Cheerleaders, pom-pom girls, choir members, coaches and lay-abouts all appear in the nostalgic party sequences which were shot  on Super 8 and on 16mm film.  This music film once again reinforces Reilly’s place as an artist with an individual vision, a unique performer, and the rare combination of being both.  Go to to see the debut of the new music video by Ike Reilly.

Ike Reilly and his band, The Ike Reilly Assassination, will be making their debut appearance at Lollapalooza on August 8, 2010.  Fans can also listen for Reilly’s performance on the nationally –syndicated NPR show “World Café” on July 8, 2010.  For more information, check here for a list of stations.